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Our chiropractor at FAHMA Wellness, Dr. Behireta Corbadzic, is committed to delivering friendly and compassionate chiropractic care to all her patients at the clinic. Our friendly staff has been carefully trained to meet your healthcare needs.

In addition, we provide an accessible website membership program, where you can find many informative articles about chiropractic medicine, techniques, and information on general health issues that explain what you can do to advance your healthcare goals.

FAHMA Wellness Chiropractic Clinic is honored to be part of the Beaverton, OR, community and provide health and wellness care and advice to our fellow residents. We have helped many people in the Beaverton area with their specific medical care requirements and helped many others achieve their health and life-long wellness goals through advice and counseling.


Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic medicine is a natural and holistic approach to medical care. We emphasize the prevention of disease and poor health conditions before they arise. Chiropractic care emphasizes using the body's biological healing processes to achieve wellness and maintain itself without harsh chemical drugs or invasive surgery. We seek to keep people healthy and avoid illness as an alternative to treat them.


Lifestyle Choices

Many of our patients recover the health and wellness of their earlier life, which they had lost through unhealthy lifestyle choices. Other patients gain health they have never known or experienced before, all through natural health and wellness techniques, including chiropractic techniques and more careful attention to diet and nutrition.


Preventative Methods

The preventative nature and natural outlook of chiropractic medicine are one of the many reasons it continues to grow in popularity. Chiropractic methods are a safe alternative to conventional medicine and can be as effective in treating pain management issues as prescription medication. Chiropractic techniques are also frequently less expensive than many traditional alternatives.

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